An introduction to green chemistry metrics is presented.


Several metrics are calculates automatically. The program requires:

- The masses of all the reagents (stoichiometric, solvents, other auxiliar ragents) and of the product, included in the reaction step and in the workup step.

- The hazards of all the substances involved, including in the waste.

See help video for synteses 

Steps to follow

1. Define stoichiometric reagents and their masses.

2. Define solvents and their masses.

3. Define other auxiliar reagents and their masses.

4. Define the reaction product and its mass.

5. Define the waste (not necessary to define de mass).

6. Choose the hazard for each substance, consulting is necessary the links Sigma-Aldrich or Merck.

7. Some principles of Green chemistry are filled automatically but select the missing criteria for the other principle, according with the situation under sutdy.

8. The rsults for the mass metrics are presented. To obtain the time intensity and/or ebergy intensity define the energy and time used 

9. The results for the holistc metrics "Green Star" and "Green Circle" are presented


Other experiments