SHE Tool construction

The SHE tool is applied to laboratorial activities published. The "SHE Triangle" and the "Potential Hazards Spectrum" were used in the assessment. In this catalog, details about the the protocols and the information needed to construct the Triangle an Band SHE for each protocol assessed are provided.

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) is used in the classification of hazards. GHS regulation classifies substances and mixtures according to their physical, health and environmental intrinsic hazards. For each of these, hazard classes are established which define the nature of the hazard. Each hazard class is divided in several hazard categories according to the severity. To each hazard class and category are assigned hazard statements used to characterize the hazards (phrases that describe the nature and degree of the hazard). Hazard statements are represented by hazard codes, composed by a letter H and a number beginning with a figure indicating the hazard type (2 for physical, 3 for health, and 4 for environment hazards) followed by two figures, corresponding to sequential numbering of hazards inside the class. An Excel file may be obtained here, with all the hazard statements and respective hazard classes and categories, hazard pictograms, signal words, pictograms for transport, and a list of the precautionary statements.

Informations about physical hazards (S - Safety), human health hazards (H - Health) and hazards to the environment (E - Environment) are ccollected from safety data sheet (SDS) which may be obtained in the WEB, for example from Sigma-Aldrich and Merck Chemicals.

For each subtance involved hazards are scored from 0 (low hazard) to 2 (high hazard) for physical hazards (S), health hazards (H) and environemt hazards (E). See the criteria here. 

In figure 1 see an exemple of the SHE analysis of a substance, potassium permanganate; in figure 2 an exemple of a SHE analysis of a chemical reaction, acetylsalicylic acid synthesis.

An Excel to build the SHE tool automatically for a substance or an laboratory activity click here.

Figure 1. SHE Tool of potassium permanganate



 Figure 2. SHE Triangle and Potential Hazards Spectrum of acetylsalícilic acid synthesis, chemical reaction: