Isoamyl acetate

Protocols evaluated by Rita C. C. Duarte, on 2014 / 08

Product applications

Isoamyl acetate is used as a solvent for old oil colors, varnishes, camphor, lacquers, resins,1,2 in surface coatings, electronics, pharmaceuticals, leather treatments3 and agrochemicals;3,4 in the production of bath sponges, artificial silk, leather or pearls, photographic films, waterproof varnishes, bronzing liquids and metallic paints; in dyeing and finishing textiles.1 It is also used to confer flavor in foods1-6 and to improve the smell of perfumes, shoe polish, etc;1-3,6 to attract groups of honeybees.2,3,5 It can be used to test gas masks.1



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